Visit Fruition For Ice Cream In The Hudson Valley

Visit Fruition For Ice Cream In The Hudson Valley
There’s nothing better than taking a trip to the Catskills in the summertime. When you do, make sure to stop for an ice cream at Fruition Chocolate Works. The Hudson Valley is an amazing place to stop for a break, and we’re sure you’ll love the array of craveable ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, affogatos, and other treats that Fruition has to offer.

Our ice cream is made locally in the Hudson Valley by Del’s Creamery. Del’s is a small batch dairy farm that makes farm fresh ice cream. We can't wait for you to try it!

So, add Fruition as a stop in your GPS and enjoy local ice cream with all the toppings and sauces, or try one of our cookie ice cream sandwiches, reinvented with flourless chocolate cookies.

True Hudson Valley Ice Cream

Here are a few of the items on our ice cream menu this summer:

1. Sundae Specials

Key Lime Pie - Our Key Lime Pie Sundae is a decadent spin on the famous Florida pie. It’s made with three scoops of vanilla ice cream, graham cracker crunch, and key lime curd, then topped off with meringue bits! It won’t disappoint.

Root Beer Float Sundae - If you love root beer floats, you should try this one! Made with vanilla ice cream, house made root beer syrup, popping crystals streusel, and whipped cream - this sundae is tons of fun!

2. Build Your Own Sundae

Besides our specials, you can create your own sundae from a bunch of different ice cream flavors and toppings. Each of our sauces are made in-house, so combined with Del’s ice cream, you’re getting an authentic Hudson Valley ice cream sundae, no matter what you pick!


Ice Cream Sandwich with Flourless Chocolate Cookies

3. GF Ice Cream Sandwiches

Our ice cream sandwiches are a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream between two flourless chocolate cookies. The cookies are so fudgy and soft that it tastes like a perfect brownie sundae that you can take on the go. As our cookies are flourless, the ice-cream sandwiches make a delicious gluten-free treat!

4. Milkshakes

To create the perfect creamy milkshake, we scoop Del's vanilla, coffee, strawberry, or coconut raspberry ice cream, and blend until smooth with milk and our house made sauces. Guests can mix flavors, and add in any toppings we make in-house to create their own blend.

Affogato at Fruition Chocolate Works

5. Affogatos

Using Barrington Coffee's Gold medium roast espresso, Fruition is now serving affogatos. Fresh brewed espresso is poured over a scoop of vanilla ice cream, allowing it to melt slightly, to create a beautifully creamy vanilla coffee with a spoonful of smooth ice cream underneath. 

Where Is Fruition’s Ice Cream Shop?

Whatever you fancy, Fruition Chocolate Works is a “Must Stop” on your way through the Hudson Valley. You can find our ice-cream shop on Route 28, right by the Shokan entrance to the Ashokan Rail Trail in the Olive Plaza by Village Pizza. We are across the street diagonally from the Mobile Station, and Olive's Country Store. You can visit anytime from 9 to 5, seven days a week.

While you’re at the ice cream shop, you can also check out our chocolate shop and pick up some bean-to-bar chocolate to try. Our milk, dark, and dark-milk chocolate bars are made in small batches, right here in New York from single-origin cacao.

So, whether you’re staying in the Hudson Valley or just passing through, make a point of visiting us this summer!