bean to bar process worker cutting cocoa



Travel to cocoa producing regions 20 degrees north and 20 degrees south of the equator to scope out quality farms and ensure that we are working with places that employ organic and Fair Trade or Direct Trade practices.

cocoa growing as the beginning of bean to bar process



Cut ripe pods off of trees.
fermenting beans in bean to bar chocolate process


Seeds from pods are fermented in bins and covered with burlap or banana leaves for 3-8 days.
Drying Cocoa beans to make bean to bar chocolate



Seeds are dried out in the sun.
bean to bar process of roasting cocoa beans


Roast & Sort

The seeds (which we call beans), are roasted to bring out the inherent flavors, and sorted for quality control.

Crack and Winnow cocoa beans


Crack & Winnow

Conche chocolate


Refine & Conche

moulding craft chocolate bars


Temper & Mould

Hand Crafted Chocolate confectioneries