Four Coffee & Chocolate Pairings Recommended By Experts

Four Coffee & Chocolate Pairings Recommended By Experts

If you're a fan of both chocolate and coffee, why not get the best of both worlds? Chocolate and coffee pairings can bring out the unique flavor notes in each, creating an indulgent treat. Whether you're looking to enjoy a hot cup of joe with some sweet chocolate or are excited to try something new, these six great chocolate and coffee pairings are sure to delight your taste buds. 

How To Pair Coffee With Chocolate

When pairing coffee with chocolate, you typically want to pair likes with likes. If you're a fan of darker roasts, pair them with darker (i.e. 70%+) chocolate. If you typically drink light or blonde coffee, pair it with creamier lighter chocolates. Nutty coffees pair well with rich nutty chocolate and fruity notes in coffee will enhance fruitier chocolate notes. Don't be afraid to experiment! With so many different variations of chocolates and coffees, you're sure to find a combination that suits your palate.

4 Best Chocolate & Coffee Pairings

We teamed up with our friends at Barrington Coffee Roasters to bring you some perfect pairings.

1. THIRTY + Bolivia Wild Forest

The THIRTY is a deep, dense coffee that shines in a variety of preparation methods. When drip brewed alongside the Bolivia Wild Forest we experience the fruitiness of this coffee to be drawn out in layers of raisin and dried cranberry, transitioning into earthy chaga mushroom, herbal and fennel pollen undertones. A unique and dynamic pairing that keeps us coming back for more.


2. Gato Negro + Madagascar Sambirano

Powerful dark roast coffee and intensely bright cacao. The striking acidity in the Sambirano cuts through the roast of Gato Negro, creating the most bold of these Fruition chocolate pairings. Zesty grilled lemon and berry preserves are offset by this rich and comforting dark roast coffee. A stand out, in your face, experience.


3. Tolima + Tumaco Colombian

Tolima and Tumaco Colombian are two perfectly produced Colombian fare paired for a harmonious experience. Together they create a vibrant floral, caramelized sugar combination that is easy to enjoy. Unabashed and elegant.

4. Kalledevarapura + Dominican Oko-Caribe 

Kalledevarapura is a low acid, nutty coffee that’s a popular staple in the Barrington Coffee portfolio. We were pleasantly surprised to find it dramatically enhanced by  the Oko-Caribe. This pairing is overtly sweet and delicious with flavors of  honeycomb and fudgy, buttery shortcrust. 


From creamy milk chocolate to dark, bitter espresso, there's something for everyone when it comes to chocolate and coffee pairings. Whether you're trying to satisfy a sweet tooth or just want something new and exciting, these four great combinations can provide all the flavor and satisfaction you need. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore the amazing world of chocolate and coffee pairings!

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