Jerk Jamaican Seasoning Mix

JERK 4.5 oz jar. Ric Orlando's legendary Jamaican Jerk Seasoning started in Justin's restaurant in Albany, NY back in 1990 when he dared to bring his East Village palate to Upstate, NY. You have seen him whip his Jerk up on Chopped, winning with his Rum Raisin Jerk Quail. A5 OZ BOTTLE makes enough wet marinade for 15 lbs of chicken and enough dry to party all night. It has 1000 uses! Ric-Ter Scale *6 (add more JERK to raise the heat, add more liquid to lower the heat!) INGREDIENTS: Salt, dark brown Muscovado sugar, onion powder, cane sugar, black pepper, allspice, soy sauce powder, cinnamon, thyme, habanero pepper, paprika, nutmeg VEGAN