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Deluxe Gift Box

Deluxe Gift Box


Help celebrate graduation, a birthday, or another milestone with this selection of Fruition Chocolate best-sellers and some of our favorite curated gifts. Gift box is packaged in a sleek, black box tied with silver ribbon. 

Each gift box contains:

Brown Butter Milk Chocolate 43% - Locally churned Ronnybrook Farm Dairy browned butter lends deep caramel flavors to our interpretation of a classic milk chocolate. 

Spring Salted Dark Milk Chocolate 56% - Straddling the line between light and Dark, this bar is accentuated by the addition of Peruvian Warm Spring Salt.

Hudson Bourbon Dark Milk Chocolate 61% - Roasted cocoa nibs aged with Tuthilltown Spirits bourbon barrel staves and Hudson Baby Bourbon are then crafted into a creamy dark milk chocolate with hints of oak and bourbon.

Maranon Canyon Dark Milk Chocolate 68% - A very dark-milk chocolate made from pure Nacional cocoa beans from the remote Marañón Canyon of Peru.  

Crystallized Ginger with Matcha Couverture and Dark Chocolate - Candied Ginder Tumbled in our Matcha Green Tea White Chocolate and our Dominican Origin 68% Dark Chocolate

Westwind Orchard Maple Syrup - This syrup is harvested from one hundred year old silver, red and sugar maple trees. Westwind's syrup is wood fired, bottled and waxed by hand. 

Westwind Orchard Raspberry Chili Jam - This raspberry chili jam is crafted from handpicked organic raspberries and chili peppers, grown at Westwind Orchard in Accord NY, for the perfect balance of tart and spicy heat.

Burlap and Barrel Royal Cinnamon - Royal Cinnamon has been harvested in the mountains around the ancient Vietnamese capital city of Huế for milennia. The same species as Saigon cinnamon (cinnamomum loureiroi), royal cinnamon is an heirloom variety not widely harvested or exported, and exemplifies the intense sweetness and spiciness for which Vietnamese cinnamon is prized. Use it in place of Saigon or other cinnamons in pastries and baked goods, or sprinkle into rich, savory meat or tomato-based dishes.

Burlap and Barrel Zanzibar Black Peppercorns - Black pepper grows in bunches like grapes, on a climbing vine. Most black peppercorns are harvested while still green, and the drying process gives them their distinctive dark skin. Ours are allowed to ripen longer on the vine before being hand-picked and sun-dried, resulting in a rich chocolate-colored pepper berry with dense wrinkles and a bright, fruity spiciness.

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